Financial institutions, supranationals, sovereigns and agencies

Wells Fargo Global Financial Institutions (GFI) develops and maintains strategic relationships with U.S. and international financial institutions, supranationals, sovereigns and agencies. Through this network, we can support you around the globe.

Our services

We provide a full suite of services, including payments, collections, clearing, investment, capital markets, credit and trade services. Learn more about our services for:

We also offer a wide range of global correspondent banking services.

Why Wells Fargo Global Financial Institutions

  • More than 100 years in global correspondent banking
  • One of the world's largest providers of foreign exchange (FX), treasury management and trade-processing services
  • The only bank-owned factoring company specializing in trade financing
  • A business that is ranked no. 1 in overall institutional satisfaction for global financial institutions (FImetrix)
  • One of only eight global banks to receive the FImetrix Distinguished Provider for Global Transaction Services three years in a row (2015, 2014 and 2013)
  • A nationwide leader in cheque clearing and payment processing
  • Significant lender of capital, either directly or through extensive investment banking distribution channels

Any PSPs (as defined below) who wish to access payment account services from Wells Fargo Bank N.A., London Branch (the “Bank”) in order to provide their own payment services, should in the first instance contact the Regional Head of Product Management, WFBNA EMEA (+44 [0] 20 7149 8268) for information about payment account services offered by the Bank, how to apply and the estimated timeframe for decisions to be made on applications.

For the purposes of the above paragraph, “PSPs” means:

  • Authorised Payment Institutions
  • Small Payment Institutions
  • Registered Account Information Service Providers
  • EEA authorised Payment Institutions
  • EEA registered Account Information Service Providers
  • Electronic Money Institutions